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Affordable Improvements to Make to Your Home

Maybe you’ve owned your home a while now and feel like it needs an update or a refresh? The new year is certainly a good time to get stuck into a new home project. It gives you several months to work through it as you push closer to summer. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because completing home projects in the colder months takes a toll on your hands.1

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Here are some affordable improvements to consider making to your home this year.

Getting the Boiler Serviced/Replaced

Most furnaces in homes that still use them are years or decades old. Sometimes, the previous owner never took the time to get them maintained over the years. If you’re starting to see problems due to its age or difficulties are cropping up like a bad smell or a reduced ability to keep the home warm enough, then it’s certainly time to book a visit from a certified plumber to get the boiler inspected and hopefully some preventative maintenance administered.

However, the plumber may conclude that even with some last-minute TLC, the boiler isn’t going to last a year or more. In which case, it’s time to consider what you should replace it with next. Modern boilers linked to heating control systems designed from the ground are energy efficient and save money in the long run.

Replace the Old Windows with uPVC Double Glazing

Even when the windows are reliable and don’t let in too much air, condensation is still a sign on damp mornings that the double glazing is failing. The window frames can also let you down because they may have cracked inside, breaking their seal. Decorative moulding around the edge of the frame or the window sill could also be a source of air coming in from outside if it’s cracked. You just don’t know what’s happening beneath the surface of older windows.

With a new set of uPVC double-glazing windows from, they’ll no longer be any concerns about air leaks from the outside. They have sets of window frames to fit different openings too. The window styles also vary with ones that reverse out to create airflow, those that open like a couple of fan blades, and other design options too.

Bathroom Tweaks

Take a look at the bathroom to see what improvements can be made. Perhaps there are some older bathroom tiles that have broken off? Do you have any spare ones to replace them? The flooring might have seen better days. Can it be steam cleaned or is it past its due date and needs to be replaced with something clean and gleaming?

Also, look at the mirrors and lighting arrangement. If you find that it’s hard to perform some personal care in the morning because the mirror is too small and there’s not enough reflected light, then consider replacing the mirror(s) and adding some better lighting to the bathroom too.

Whatever you choose to update, pick things that will make your home more pleasurable to spend time in. Whether that means removing an irritant or adding something more luxurious; do what speaks to you the most.

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