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When it comes to your home’s foundation it is important to be proactive and have even the smallest of issues repaired before they become major problems.

During the cold winter months, your house has the potential of moving due to frost. To ensure the structural integrity of your home’s foundation, it’s crucial keep up with preventative maintenance as much as possible.

When preparing for the cold winter months, especially in Ottawa, be sure to inspect your home for any of the following signs.


  1. Cracks- Breaks, cracks, and missing pieces in your foundation are all common signs that there are deficiencies with your foundation or the If you notice any of these issues in the basement or the crawl space, you will need to have them assessed and repaired as soon as possible.


  1. Water Damage – If you’ve noticed mould, damage to framing and finished areas, stained drywall, or unpleasant odours in your basement, it could be a result of water By addressing these issues immediately, you may prevent further deterioration of your foundation. Be sure to consult a specialist to avoid any water damage escalating further throughout the winter months.


  1. External Issues- If you notice any external damage to your foundation, check to see if it could have been caused by something around your For example, if there is a large tree nearby, perhaps the roots are growing under your house and impacting your foundation. Likewise, if a nearby down spout is not pushing water away from your home, it will need to be dealt with promptly to avoid more significant damage during seasons of freezing and thawing.


Some foundation and structural issues like those listed above can be detected early on, while others may require an exploratory hole to be dug and analyzed by an expert. If you notice any early signs of structural damage to your home be sure to contact a specialist that will do structural repairs in Ottawa as soon as possible.

Dealing with an expert in structural repairs and restoration will bring you peace of mind, and you can rest assured that your foundation will be repaired safely and effectively, per industry standards.

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