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When to Remove Attic Insulation

A properly insulated attic will help keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It will also save you money on your energy bill. The problem with attic insulation, however, is that it can be hard to monitor. Some attics are difficult to reach and you may not know how long the insulation has been there. If your energy bills are stable, you might not know how much money you could be saving. So, how do you know when the insulation needs to be replaced? Look for the signs below. If you are interested in having your attic inspected, contact a local attic insulation removal expert.

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Pests in the Attic

Squirrels, raccoons, and other pests are attracted to attics for their warmth and safety from predators. Here, they will crush and contaminate the insulation with feces and debris. It is important that you remove the pests as soon as possible and replace any insulation they damaged. Animal droppings contain harmful pathogens and cause bad odours and rot.

Moist or Wet Insulation

Moist or wet insulation must be removed because it will not work properly, and it is at risk of getting moldy. Mold in the attic will circulate throughout the house, causing allergic reactions, coughing, headaches, etc.  Having moist insulation will also damage the structure of the attic. Fixing the cause of this issue and replacing the insulation will remove these risks.

Changing Indoor Temperatures

If you find that the temperature in your home is constantly changing, the insulation in your attic may have shifted out of place. This allows hot or cold air to pass right through the ceiling and into the attic where it escapes the house. Replacing or adding additional insulation to your attic should fix the problem.

Surging Energy Bills

Does your energy bill increase significantly when it is very cold outside or when you turn on the air conditioning in the summer? Inadequate insulation will bring the outdoor weather inside. A costly energy bill may indicate that your HVAC system is constantly fighting the temperature outside because the insulation in the attic is not doing its job.

Indoor Drafts

If there is a draft in your home, even when the doors are locked, you may need to remove and replace your attic insulation. This is because there isn’t enough insulation in the attic to block the flow of air going in and out of the house.

Wet, contaminated, or damaged insulation should be removed and replaced to increase HVAC efficiency air quality. If you are interested in having your insulation inspected, contact a professional insulation service. A technician can examine the insulation for you and provide you with some recommendations. If your insulation needs replacing, it is also recommended that you hire a professional to remove the insulation for you as they will dispose of it safely and responsibly. Attic insulation experts have the training and equipment necessary to remove and install insulation properly. For more information on insulation removal, visit

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