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7 Fixes You Have to Do Before Selling Your Home

Moving into a new house can be costly. Most home sellers are reluctant to spend money on a property they will be leaving behind. Unknowingly, homebuyers are critical of both minor and major repair issues you have learned to live with. As a result, buyers make a low appraisal offer, or worst, not pushing through with the deal. Homebuying deals usually fall off the cracks due to repair and appraisals issues.

Here are seven home fixes you need to apply before selling your home. The goal is to avoid sales termination due to home and environmental issues. Therefore, rectifying these problems is a priority before home listing.



  • Foundation problems. Signs of foundation issues involve slanted floors, wall cracks, gaps above cabinets, and windows and doors that do not close completely. Foundation problems in severe cases are threats to the structural integrity of the entire house, which in turn, is impossible to sell unless rectified.
  • Roof integrity issues. Blocked roof gutters result in water leakage through the roof’s edges. Water leakage can lead to water damage of the shingles and wood rot in fascia boards. In addition, unfixed minor roof integrity issues lead to roof replacement over time. These structural integrity problems result in a low home appraisal.
  • Faulty plumbing. Water leaks inside your home are a crucial plumbing issue. A plumbing problem leads to water damage. Water damage in your home is a red flag because it can lead to serious issues, like mold problems and structural rot. The costs due to water damage can vary due to the extent, source of the leak, and longevity. A licensed plumber has the technical know-how on clogged drains and pipe replacement. You can partner with a reputable water damage restoration West Palm Beach FL company to best identify and address the cause of complex plumbing issues. Other services include flood aftermath cleanup, water mitigation, and flood damage detection. The mitigation of flood damage is a worthwhile investment for selling your home.
  • Faulty wiring. Electrical problems are a significant concern for homebuyers because they are fire hazards. A qualified electrician can conduct home inspections to rectify small-scale electrical issues like frayed wiring. They can also address huge concerns, such as circuit breaker replacement.
  • Poor grading and drainage. Grading and drainage involve how water flows in and out of your home. Water sources are from rains, storms, and melted snow. Faulty grading and drainage encompass clogged roof gutters that lead to water stains and spongy soil foundations. Fixes vary from simple gutter washdown to replacement.
  • Poor upkeep. Poor upkeep involves peeling paint, worn-out carpet, and broken tiles. These are minor details but very essential to fix and address. Give your home a face-lift by applying a fresh coat of paint, carpet replacement, or light fixture installation. In this way, the property becomes competitive in the market.
  • HVAC concerns. The HVAC system must be in proper working condition before selling. The entire appeal of a home depends on its temperature and ambiance. A home should be able to provide warmth, coolness, and good ventilation.

Addressing these home issues can elevate the value of your home in the real estate market. It is best practice to hire a trained eye to inspect and identify comprehensive repair needs. Sit down with your realtor and discuss the inspection report thoroughly before home listing.


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