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How to Ensure You Have a Mold Free Apartment

When you are moving into a new apartment, it is very much important to check whether that apartment contains any mold formations or not. Molds are not easily detected. You will have to investigate the apartment very carefully to avoid any problems due to mold formation. An apartment which looks clean and mold-free, can have mold spores hidden in that property. Before renting or leasing an apartment, be fully ensure and check for mold formation in advance. Here are some tips you can follow to check your apartment before leasing or renting it.

Keeping Apartment Mold Free

Look for moldy wall discoloration

Before having an apartment, visit the apartment you have finalized and check the color of walls near sources of excessive moisture. Molds mostly develop in moist areas. They do not always form in a large shape and are not easily noticeable. If you find a spot in black, blue, grey or in green discoloration, then that can be the indication of small mold clusters. Do check mold discoloration near pipes, windows, refrigerators, air conditioning units and other moisture prone areas.

Hire a professional mold inspector

Hire a person who is an expert in mold detection. You will be needing owner’s permission to access the home units for professional testing. If the owner does not agree for professional testing, then consider that there is something wrong in that apartment. There might be possibilities of mold formation, and the owner does not want to disclose that with you.

Check for musty smelling rooms

Mold has a musty, pungent smell. Before renting an apartment, check for strong musty odors in the rental apartment. Also, try to find the source of that smell as it could be mold. Try checking mold formation in these difficult-to-reach areas, these areas are mold prone:

  • Under carpets and carpet pads
  • Behind drywall
  • Above ceiling tiles
  • Inside the walls
  • Behind curtains and wallpaper

Check for allergy symptoms

Mold causes severe allergic reaction. If you find any allergic issues or signs in your new apartment, then it may be due to molds. Mold can cause reaction when touched or inhaled. Severe allergy from molds can cause asthma attacks. It’s better to heck properly before moving to your new apartment.

Water damage or pipes leakage

Molds need moisture to grow. Check your apartment for any water damage or pipe leakage issue. Look at every moisture containing areas. Check properly before moving as water leakage problems can cause mold formation.


Moving to a new place whether it is a rented apartment or your own purchased is a big decision. You are going to invest your money as well as your time in that property. Your living place should be free from any mold or any damages which may create problems in the future. Especially, when talking about mold, it is a major problem which is found in most houses. When putting apartments on rent, landlords should clearly tell tenants about mold problem in advance and should clean the house properly.

Finding a mold free apartment is a very tough job. You have to check each and every corner of the house. Many people end up renting an apartment with poor facilities and infrastructures, with mold formed in their wall’s apartment due to financial problems. They can’t afford a good apartment for their family because their credit score is not so good. Now, there is the solution, you can have your apartment with no allergic issues, water leaking problems and mold growths. Check this website Crediful to know how to have a good apartment with bad credit. Always remember that you deserve to live comfortably.


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