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Smart Ways to Prevent Mold Problems Around the House

In a previous article, we talked about some of the things you can do to refresh your house. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on home improvement to change the way your property looks and feels. A simple window replacement or some changes to the bathroom are great investments to make.


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While you are making changes around the house, it is also a good idea to take steps to prevent future mould problems. Some home improvements help prevent mould build-up. Others protect the house from the things that cause mould. Here are the home improvements you can try.

Better Air Ventilation

Adjusting the home ventilation system is one of the first things you need to do in order to stop mould from forming around the house. A good ventilation system helps prevent moisture build-up, which also helps reduce the risk of mould appearing on your walls or corners.

There are a lot of great ventilation systems to add to your house. Getting one with an effective heat recovery system also helps improve your house’s energy efficiency, while increasing your ability to control interior climate and humidity.

A good ventilation system doesn’t have to be expensive at all. The home heat recovery system from BPC Ventilation, for example, has all the features you need for mould prevention and comes at a reasonable price. There are even financing options to choose from.

A Functional Basement

In many cases, mould build-up starts in the cold and damp basement. Investing in good insulation for the basement is a great way to avoid this issue, but you can go a step further and convert your basement into a functional space too.

The process still begins with adding a layer of insulation and mould protection to the basement walls. You also want to inspect the space for cracks on the wall and other signs of bigger issues to come. Once the space is insulated, you can do more things with the basement.

The trend today is converting basements into a games room or a man cave. Alternatively, you can turn the basement into a home office by adding better ventilation and air conditioning to the space. You can even turn it into a workshop with good airflow.

Exhausts for the Bathroom

Not all bathrooms have exhausts sucking moist air out of the space. If your bathrooms don’t have exhaust fans, now is a good time to get them installed. While air ventilation is great for most rooms around the house, you need to actively remove damp air from the bathroom to prevent mould.

Ideally, you want exhausts that can be connected to smart switches. This way, you can program the fans to run when and after the bathroom is used. This is a simple step to take, but it is a step that will eliminate mould problems from your bathrooms completely.

While adding home improvements and making changes, be sure to consider these three improvements as well. You’ll find investing in them well worth the money when you consider the long-term benefits you get in return.

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