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White Mold in Basement

Have you ever observed that white patches in the basement of your house, office or surroundings. If yes, then these are white molds. Normally we pay more attention on black molds, however whether it’s black, white or of whatever color they need to be taken out. These molds are microscopic organisms which, if inhaled can cause dangerous health issues like respiratory problems, allergies that can become worse as the time passed by.

Largely these molds are inflated fears around black molds commonly known as Stachybotrys. The vividness of the mold identifies the different species like gray mold, green mold or brown mold and is an invitation for microorganisms.


Cases of White Molds-

White molds are one of the most challenging microbes which are perplexed with Aspergillus, Cladosporium, efflorescence, Penicillium and crystalline growth around the hall. Even Mildew is a white fungus which appears to be white molds as they are white powdery in nature.


Efflorescence occurs when water flows throughout the surface and brings unwanted salt to the surface, especially seeped through bricks, concrete and stone which tends to produce a clean, fluffy structure on the surface after water fades away. These are harmless, but appear like white molds and can be confusing.

Where can you find White Molds?

They can be found in the places, encouraging mold growth. Familiar places of white mold growth include basements, garret casing etc.

Is White Mold hazardous and what are health issues linked to it?

Yes, indeed. White molds can rouse allergies in many individuals that are sensitive and prone to aversions. Close to common white mold exposure problems are asthma, chronic sore throat, sinus, bronchitis, pneumonia, migraine, urticaria, skin irritations, breathing problems and many more.

Molds anywhere in the home are unsafe in spite of its color and should be eliminated as soon as possible. For this proper removal step should be contracted to clean them up.

Remedies for Basement Molds-

If you notice white mold in your basement clean up as soon as you can so that later they do not extend to other parts of the house as these have a tendency to move on to spread like the web and you’re safe from the illness caused due to these microbes.

And then if you see them at one corner of the house, inspect your home carefully as you may encounter some other developments to a fault. White mold growth removal products are easily available in the mart, for example- Foster 40-80 which is used for the removal of these microbes from metal and ceramic surfaces, though you can apply them on semi-porous surfaces like concrete or bricks, but it will be hard for you to get rid of them from porous surfaces.

Hence, if they are on porous surfaces like drywall, carpet, ceiling tiles, then you necessitate getting them taken away.  Hence, after removal of these stubborn molds you need to use a sealant so that they do not spring back.

Help Regarding Basement Mold Removals-

If you are finding this job to be an uphill struggle, and so permit me differentiate you that it is as the molds are mulish bacterial formation which needs to be taken down before its establishment. If you are asthmatic or highly allergy-prone do not cleanse them as it can cause your condition worse.

You can go for mold removal agencies which are experts in this and gets hold of all relative measures while confiscating upon this subject. They are prepared to get rid of mold in Ac ducts as well as such positions where it’s hard for you to go into.

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