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What is a Hygrometer?

You might be thinking what a hygrometer is? A hygrometer is actually an instrument which measures the relative humidity present in the air. It is a tested for moisture in the surroundings. Humidity plays a very crucial role in the nurture of various microbes hence it is necessary to keep a check on humidity and hence we in this article will let you know about relative humidity and the uses of hygrometer.


Uses of Hygrometer:

Humidity should be checked in regular intervals to know the comfortable level of the places. Generally people use this instrument to keep a check on the surroundings to know whether the home is safe from excessive moisture because if homes are really humid then different microbial organisms may affect the house by growing around especially molds and mildew as this is their favorite temperature to grow.

Molds once entered the mansions cause’s different health problems like itchiness, respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and breathing issues. They not only attack your health but also cause damage to household furnishings like carpet, walls etc. Paints may start to peel and your costly instruments like piano, guitars, and fiddle may get damaged.

If the air is highly humid you may also possess breathing problems and suffocation and on the contrary if the air is too dry then you may suffer from chapped lips, dry skin and itchiness.  For this, you need to maintain temperature and the ideal temperature is marked between 30 to 50 percent but it may vary according to one’s preference.

A hygrometer is easy to use and helps individual to maintain the temperature in the house to protect their belongings and safeguard their health.  If your home is too humid you can use a dehumidifier to lower the humidity present in the air and vice versa use a humidifier to increase the moisture if the surroundings are too dry. Both the goods are easily available in the market in affordable range thus Hygrometer is really a great device to check the temperature.

How does Hygrometer work?

There are many kinds of hygrometers available in the market which works differently. Like:

One type of hygrometer uses human hair to check the relative humidity in the room. You may have also noticed a bad hair because of frizzy and unmanageable hair, have you ever though why it is? It is because of the excessive moisture in the air due to which human hairs expands and gets frizzed. The hygrometer checks the expansion and contraction of the hair and determines the percentage of humidity in the air.

Another one is coupled with two thermometers one with dry bulb and other with a wet bulb. As moisture evaporates from the wet bulb the temperatures get dropped and relative humidity is calculated by the difference in the two thermometers.

Both types of thermometers are good depending upon which one is suitable for you.

Recommended Hygrometer

Ambient Weather WS07 is the hygrometer we are recommending you as it measures the temperature most accurate and is easy to use. It detects the moisture in the air and its console is clearly visible and user-friendly. It has additional sensors and can be set according to you. Till now it has got highest customer ratings and has largely satisfied customers around the world.

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