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Tips for Removing Mould from Boxes

The idea of recycling boxes is a good thing. When you receive your online orders, you have to reuse those boxes especially if they are still good enough. This is better than throwing them away. You can use large boxes later when you are moving to a different place or when you just want to keep old items in your storage room.

The only problem is that if you have ordered a lot of items online, you also have a lot of boxes to keep. Since not all of them can be used right away, you have no choice but to just hide them somewhere first. At least when you need them later, you know where to find them. You also don’t have to buy these boxes elsewhere.

Sadly, as you try using these boxes, you realise that mould has started growing. As they pose health risks, you don’t want to use the boxes. Before you decide to throw them away, you have to first try cleaning them up.

For removing mould from the surface, there are two crucial steps. The first one is to eliminate moisture that allows the growth of mould. Then, remove the mould spores which serve as the seeds which turn into mould.

To clean up the boxes, you need white vinegar, bleach, alcohol, water, and a cloth. Start by taking the boxes outside. Brush the mould off using a broom. Do it slowly as you might spread the mould to other places. You can use white vinegar to remove the spores and alcohol to finally clean them off. You just have to place the liquid on a piece of cloth to gently eliminate the spores. Avoid rubbing hard as it could damage the box. Just keep doing it until the box can be used again.

The best alternative

Instead of using cardboard boxes, you should consider the solution offered by PPS – reusable packaging. Buy products from companies using these boxes so you won’t have to worry about reusing them at home. Once you have received your order, you just have to take it out and send the packaging back to the company. They will use the boxes for future deliveries. You can help save the environment if you patronise them as they have a clear plan on what to do with the boxes instead of just throwing them away.

There is nothing wrong with using cardboard boxes especially if you plan to reuse them and you are patient enough to remove the mould once you see it. However, not all the time you have such patience. In many instances, you might just throw the boxes away as soon as you have received the products inside.

A lot of people are doing the same thing. The important thing to remember is that we have already done too much damage to the environment especially with the number of boxes being thrown away after receipt of products ordered online. It is time to change.


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