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If my home has not had a flood or other serious water problem, does that mean it is unlikely to have excessive moisture?

Many sources can add moisture to the air in your home. When you go outside on a cold day and can see your breath, you really are seeing moisture coming from your lungs as a normal part of breathing. Breathing and perspiring send moisture from your body into the air of your home. Other sources are:

  • Taking a shower or bath
  • Boiling water or cooking
  • Washing dishes and letting them dry on a drainboard
  • Hand washing clothing and hanging it to dry indoors
  • Operating certain types of appliances, such as a clothes dryer that is not vented to the outdoors
  • Having house plants

Just because the activities listed above can increase moisture in your home does not mean you should stop doing them. You still can cook food, hand wash clothing, take showers and keep house plants. Simply make sure your normal living patterns do not result in an excessive amount of moisture build-up in your home.

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