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Safety Tips for Mold Removal: Preventing Health and Property Damage

Depending on the particular species of mold that’s affecting a household, the health effects could be anything from mild allergies to even death due to prolonged and excessive exposure to mycotoxins emitted by some strains of the fungus. Then there is the question of property damage as well, because mold can rot floors, walls and ceilings quite fast. Even during cleanups, spores may hide under floorboards and continue to grow there, rotting the entire floor from the inside.brick-wall-3130685_960_720

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Unfortunately, removing mold is not as easy as scraping it off the surface or applying some random fungicide where it’s growing, since this can make things worse, particularly for the ones trying to remove it. You need professional help to remove large mold growths safely, but if there’s a relatively small growth (less than 10 sq. ft.) or if you are a professional yourself, here are a few things that will help to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of both people and the property.

The Protection Gear

A mold growth that’s under 10 square feet won’t require too much protecting against, but the basic safety measures are a must, which include a respirator, safety glasses, work gloves and protective boots. For anything above that, you will need the following:

  • Half face respirator for anything below 100 sq. ft. and a full-face respirator for 100 sq. feet and above

  • Protective clothing covering the entire body

Surface Protection

When you are trying to remove mold from the walls, things such as chemical spillage, the scraped debris and the mold itself will damage the floor unless it is protected properly. Cover the floors up with Trimaco lightweight floor protection boards or papers that come equipped with spill block technology to prevent anything from seeping through. Keep them in place with some FloorShell Seam Tape, and use it to seal any gaps that might be there in between the boards. Trimaco are one of the leading names in both property and personnel protection supplies across the United States, so they have pretty much everything you will need.

Use Disposable Protective Clothing

Protective clothing may keep you safe during the cleanup process, but the spores and toxins are still going to be on the clothes once you are done. Companies that work in the mold remedy business generally provide donning and doffing facilities for their workers to get rid of the protective clothing once they are done, alongside adequate showering and washing facilities. If you are not a professional with access to such conveniences, use disposable protective clothing to stop the spores from spreading and affecting yourself and others around you. Once the cleanup is complete, put the protective clothes into a garbage bag and seal it. Also, take a shower right after.

Once you have taken care of the mold problem safely, it is important to take precautions that will prevent future growths, so the very first thing to do would be to have the walls repainted with mold-resistant paint and get the entire house checked for moisture retention.

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