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Pink Mold In The Bathroom

People often ignore the problems of fungal growth around their surroundings and thus become susceptible from the diseases caused by them.  Molds are basically the fungal microbes that are formed of filaments termed as hyphae.

Molds can be classified based on its color type and further as harmful or non-harmful depending upon its intensity of causing disease. The types of mold that are generally found at homes or offices are black mold, Pink mold, blue-green, White, Turquoise and gray-brown. These molds multiply particularly on those areas which are damp and full of moisture.

As mentioned clearly that damp and wet areas are more prone to mold growth, thus the place which comes in onto our mind is the toilets and bathrooms. The most commonly found mold here is the pink colored mold.

Pink Molds and its Types

Pink molds types found are Fusarium, Gibberella and Aureobasidium . Let us know in a bit detail of these two types.

Fusarium: These microbes are the non-productive stage of Gibberella which gets transformed from white color to pink or salmon mold owing star-bust or streaking outline. The pink molds secrete mycotoxins which dissolves the cell wall so as to feed on the intercellular source for its reproduction. If these pink molds are not eradicated completely, then it may cause birth defects, kidney and even liver damage in persons by producing toxic substance known as fumonisin.

These funguses also cause damage to plants like cereals and corns as well as animals such as pigs and horses by generating a biological warfare agent referred to as “yellow rain”.  The people with weak immune power are more likely to get infected with the pink mold. These are also found grown in potted plants, wallpaper and even on carpets.

Gibberella: Another type of Pink mold is the Gibberella, which is nothing but the reproductive stage of fusarium appearing dark pink, purple or red in color. This mold type however, produces hormone gibberellins which enhances cell elongation growth in seedlings and flower formation.

Aureobasidium is a common bathroom mold, found near window frames, on wet walls of bathroom.

Threat caused by Pink Mold

Bathroom mold can cause various ailments in human including lung infection, rashes, allergy, and inflammation, bleeding in lungs, malaise feeling and other respiratory troubles. Children, elderly people as well as pet animals on exposure to its toxins acquire ailing symptoms immediately.


We know that bathroom and toilet areas are supposed to be wet and damp all the time, however, one can still perform quite a few preventive measures to avoid pink mold proliferation. For instance, one can make the area dry by turning on the exhaust fan and opening window avoiding moisture environment. One can also wipe out the buckets, tubs and repair the leaky pipes or other leakage problems without delay.

Well, nowadays there are many companies serving mold eradication by sending their professionally trained experts for clearing these dangerous pink molds absolutely with its root cause effortlessly.

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