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Pictures of Black Mold

Some of you have definitely observed a dark colored smooth, slimy patch on the walls, windows or carpets that were left damp. But, don’t get confused by assuming it’s just a grime or soggy dust. As this dim colored discoloration could be the dangerous dark black mold which is basically a type of fungus often grown on wet and damp places either ceiling, walls, washrooms, basements and even on carpets.

The biological name of black mold is referred as Stachybotrys chartarum that appears slimy and black in color. However, its look may differ depending upon the surface it grows.


Do you know what is mold and how it appears on your walls?

The mold is composed of cellulose and its growth depends on the food source and moisture corresponding to its proliferation. Hence, we can conclude that these toxic black molds are grown in places kept damp and dirty for a long time.

Black Mold is toxic and can harm you severely

Here I referred the black mold as toxic, as it produces toxic substances in the form of spores known as mycotoxins  causing various ailments, including respiratory diseases, asthma, nausea, cough, sneezing,  pneumonia, throat as well as urinal infection, headache, depression, dizziness, exhaustion, sore throat and other breathing problems too. Specifically old aged, people, children and pregnant women are relatively more susceptible to these toxic mold related ailments.

Even the pet animals get easily infected with the mycotoxins causing their death. Hence, it is essential to get it cleaned up so as to avoid the occurrence of above-mentioned health problems.  The major cause of walls and washrooms dampness may be the pipe leakage, keeping the area humid thus creating an environment for the fungal growth.


If you find a loose pipe fitting, then it must be fixed soon by a plumber to prevent the black mold germination. Another common cause of mold toxin exposure and the spread is due to the air vent activation. Thus, if the air systems are recurrently examined and cleaned, it could decrease the mold growth significantly.


It is always better to seek help from the professional mold cleaning inspectors for having the crucial proficiency to verify the gravity of the difficulty and extent of the problem areas.

However, if you yourself carry out the mold elimination process, then you will only remove the mold but not its root cause. On the other hand, the professionals will stamp out the basic cause along with the mold thus averting it to take place yet again.

Black mold is a snag that we can’t simply neglect. Combat black mold and visit mold professional contractors for further information. Mold becomes a huge health trouble when we fall short of conferring it proper attention.

Just as we keep ourselves and home clean, we must also keep the moisture at bay to check black mold escalation. Although we may not be able to completely evade black molds, but with a slight diligence one can put a stop to them from taking over your space.

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