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Reviews of Popular Mold Test Kits

Mold is a common problem that has affected many households. Instead of guessing whether your home has mold or not, you can use a mold test kit to verify if your home has mold. Fortunately, you can easily find mold testing kits because they’re available at home improvement shops. You can also purchase your kit online if it’s more convenient for you. Mold testing kits work well only if they are used as per instructions bearing in mind that certain test specifics have to be strictly followed for the results to be accurate.

It’s important to mention that some mold testing kits have the capability to test only selected mold types among hundreds that grow in various households. Before buying a mold testing kit, it’s wise to research and read different reviews of test kits in order to identify one that satisfies your needs.

Home Mold Laboratory Viable Mold Test Kit

If you’re looking for a mold testing kit which is effective and embraces simplicity, Home Mold Laboratory Viable Mold Test Kit is a good pick. This is because all the test supplies you need are packed ready-to-use. This testing kit gives users the freedom to choose from different testing methods with the option to go for a thorough lab analysis. Because of the variety of simple testing methods, this mold testing is rated highly by users.

You can use this mold testing kit to collect both mold and yeast and check if there are any toxic molds such as black mold in your household. Since it is factory manufactured, everything in the package is ready to use.

On the flipside, you’re forced to pay an extra lab testing fee should you decide to subject samples to further testing. Submission of bulk samples is more expensive because it requires extra fees aside from ordinary lab fees.

MoldCheck Whole House Mold Test

This mold detector comes with 10 tests per kit allowing you to easily and conveniently test different rooms in your house. Doing this is advantageous because it helps you to check several rooms and identify which room has mold. MoldCheck mold testing kit is more expensive compared to other low cost brands available on the market. It’s worth noting that despite the fact that MoldCheck helps you to accurately determine which house areas have molds, this kit lacks the capacity to determine the risk level associated with mold. Homeowners who send samples to the lab have to pay extra costs for analysis.


If you’re looking for a low cost kit that is effective when it comes to performance, IAQ is a good choice. This mold testing kit has the capability to test 32 different types of mold including black mold, a common type of mold. Consumers love this mold testing kit because it gives you results in approximately five minutes. Furthermore, IAQ is easy to use thanks to the simple to follow instructions. The downside is IAQ can only test a specified area of mold. Consumers feel given the price, it would be good if this mold testing could test several areas.

First Alert

Consumers love First Alert because it has the capability to test for mold up to nine areas. As a low cost testing kit, it is quite popular among consumers despite the fact it detects mold but can’t conclusively tell you the exact type of mold. Samples have to be sent to the lab for analysis to be done which attracts a fee. On the flipside, some users have complained about not getting lab results in good time. Some consumers even indicated they didn’t get their results at all despite fully paying the lab fee.

A-1 Basement Solutions

With A-1 Basement Solutions, you’re guaranteed you won’t have to pay much and you’ll get your results in a minute; it’s superfast. However, this mold testing kit is unable to identify the type of mold and therefore, samples must be submitted to the lab for verification. Some users have complained that this mold testing kit can at times be misleading. Some complained they got positive results yet mold wasn’t in their homes.

Mold Armor

Mold Armor can test to see if your household has mold but will fail to identify the type of mold in your home. The inability to distinguish mold types is a pitfall because samples have to be sent for further lab testing for analysis. Note that a fee is charged for lab testing making the mold testing process expensive. A couple of users lamented they got their results way past the promised time despite fulfilling all financial obligations.


Just like the other mold testing kits described, Pro-lab is an affordable kit that can accurately detect mold but is unable to pinpoint what type of mold you have. As the norm with most low cost mold testing kits, you’ll be forced to submit your samples to a lab facility for analysis and verification. Typically, labs request for two samples; one from the affected area and one from unaffected area for comparison purposes. Consumers of Pro-Lab tests concur tests come out in good time but feel it is too expensive to be forced to buy two test kits and pay lab fee twice because of the two samples required. A few users have also complained about inaccuracies and inconsistencies in results.

In summary, there are numerous models of mold testing kits. However, most of them lack the capacity to accurately and conclusively give results which can be used to initiate further action. It’s critical to mention that a home testing kit is simply a guide and cannot act as an alternative to a professional mold tester. Since mold testers are trained professionals, they have the technical skill and knowledge of accurately testing and finding mold that a homeowner can easily fail to notice. They also know the different types of mold and can therefore, give you an accurate diagnosis. Experts understand the complexities involved in mold testing and can advise about how dangerous mold found in your house is and recommend appropriate action.


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