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Mold Sealant (Encapsulating Mold)

Mold sealant is a great option when it comes to removing mold from many surfaces. Mold sealant is paint like substance which is premeditated to eradicate mold from the stubborn surfaces like wood from which molds generally do not get removed completely.  If the product is highly damaged because of molds it is advised to get them removed as soon as possible.


Sealant: What actually Sealant is?

Sealant is nothing but a paint which gets spreads on the surface applied and makes a coating on it to stop the growth of molds. It can be applied by the help of paint brush, rollers or even with the sprayer. Though this paint is not the usual one which you paint on your walls these are antimicrobial paints which contain chemicals to eradicate mold growth and stop them from further attacks. It can be rolled over wood surfaces too which stops the continuous growth of the molds. This process is called encapsulation.

Many people have a misconception that paint will also let them get molds removed but no that’s not correct because mold sealant is contradict from regular paints as they are antimicrobial solutions which help prevent molds to grow and spread from one place to another. Painting from regular paint may give you a temporary relief but for long run it won’t work and your money will be wasted.

Mold sealants are available in many local stores and you can purchase them easily from any shop to eliminate molds from your home. Generally Foster 40 80 is recommended by the experts for mold removal process. While this process read all the tips and instructions carefully as this is a chemical and can harm you. Always wear gloves and head & face gears to protect yourself from molds attack.

When mold encapsulation is essential?

As we know that mold removal from porous and semi porous materials completely is next to impossible. These materials are drywall, carpet, mattresses, insulated material, carpet, ceiling tiles and fabrics. Remove listed materials if you found mold in them and replace it with the new one and if wooden surfaces are attacked by molds go with the medicated solution named Foster 40 80.

Risk Related with Mold Encapsulation

There are many risk involved with the mold encapsulation process and it is advised to take necessary precaution while you eliminate them from your home.  Suppose you have molds in the wooden surface and you opt to scrub them off then it will get dispersed in air in the form of spores in hundreds and thousands of number which may enter your body through nostrils, mouth and may get in contact with your skin causing rashes and allergies. 

Expert Consultation

Consult experts in related to this problem as they won’t charge you for advice and you may get protected from many issues later but if the problem is vast hire them. Though you may have to spend some amount but you may get rid of further health issues. You can contact to your local mold removal agency or can find online appropriate professional nearby you.

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