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Mold: How to stay on top of it in the home

It’s completely unsightly, but that’s not where the problems with mold end. This is a substance which can also wreak havoc with your health – with some of the problems severe to say the least.

Unfortunately, your own home tends to be the environment where mold festers the most. It can be found in every single room in the house and in a bid to preserve your own health, we have put together today’s guide which mulls over some of the key areas you need to look out for.

It can be as obscure as the washing machine

It sounds utterly ridiculous, but mold issues can start in places where the eye doesn’t often come across – with the washing machine being a primary example.

Of course, when you start to look over the facts, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, this is an appliance which relies on water heavily.

What can you do to ease the problem? Drying around the door and gasket after every wash is one solution, while some people will run a bleach cycle once a month as well. In severe cases, you might have to consider something like the Service Force website to help you along.

The bathroom walls and ceiling

One of the most prominent places for mold growth are the bathroom walls and ceiling. Particularly if your bathroom has a shower, this is something where mold can spiral out of control very quickly.

Again, the reasons are simple. The moisture content just becomes too difficult for the rooms to handle and before you know it, mold has developed on the first things that it has become attached to (usually the walls and ceiling).

Why does this happen? Bathrooms without adequate ventilation are most at risk here, so making sure you have a fully working extraction fan should be high on your agenda. Make sure that you use this during your shower, and for around thirty minutes after it, and you’ll soon find that your mold problem starts to ease in this area of the home.

Indoor plants are another source

You may have added some plants to your living space with the best intentions, but failing to keep on top of this greenery is asking trouble from a mold perspective.

If you water them too much, basic science dictates that mold can come as a result. Even if the general humidity levels in your home are not quite right, plants often provide the platform for the substance to grow.

Fireplaces are also problematic

In the peak of winter, they are fantastic. However, when you are not using your fireplace you are simply asking for mold problems.

Let’s not forget that this is an area which is typically cold and damp, which provides the perfect environment for mold to prosper. When you add in the fact that bricks used in fireplace construction are often porous, it means that this mold can start to spread very quickly if it is not treated properly.

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