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Keeping Your Kitchen Cabinet Clean From Mold

Having mold in your house is quite a problem and it can become an issue for your health if you do not manage to get rid of it. And while mold is generally harmful, it can be even worse if it reaches your kitchen. It can get on your food and dishes, which can be dangerous. Here is what you can do to clean mold from your kitchen.


Where does the mold appear?

The kitchen cabinets are usually the perfect victims for mold. This happens if they are damp and there is little ventilation there, since these conditions allow mold to develop. Everything that you keep in there was probably exposed to the fungi as well so make sure that you clean all the pots, dishes or glassware that has been there. If you used your countertops for food, it would be safer to throw it away even if it is boxed.

In some cases even kitchen countertops can have mold and this can occur for a number of reasons. While cleaning them should be easier, your countertops can be damaged if they are made out of wood. This is why you can always switch to granite countertops or something that is more durable.

Mold can also get under the sink, since the water creates the perfect environment for it. That is why you have to always make sure that your sink is not leaking. If mold gets there you might need to remove the sink so you can clean all the mold. Mold can also appear behind kitchen backsplash so you might need to take that off as well.

If you are in any of these situations, don’t lose hope. Mold can be easily cleaned with a bit of elbow crease and non-ammonia cleaners. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated before you start cleaning the mold and always wear safety glasses and protective gloves.

How to clean mold from your cabinets?

Removing mold is not difficult, as long as you have the right solutions. Before you choose a cleaning solution make sure that you test it on a small area since it can discolor your cabinets. After you are sure that it is safe spray the solution directly onto the mold. If your product has instructions, make sure you read them before you use it.

Then use a cloth or a brush to scrub the mold away. A small toothbrush also works for narrow areas. After you have done that use a clean rag and warm water to rinse the cleaning solution, as well as the mold that was left behind.

When the cabinet is completely dry, inspect it closely. Make sure that there are no traces of mold left. If there are you will need to go through the cleaning process again. Do it until there is no mold left and if you can’t simply call a professional. You will also have to find the source of the mold so that it won’t return. Check for leaking pipes or anything that could cause mold.

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