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Introducing Exhale Mold by Inspirotec

Exhale Mold – The Most Accurate Mold Test Kit on the Market

Inspirotec is proud to release our latest innovation: a single detector that tests your entire home for actively growing mold. You can now get the Total Home Solution provided by Exhale Mold for the low price of $99!


Exhale Mold is the most accurate in-home mold test kit available on the market because it only tests for actively growing mold, drastically reducing false positives and saving users from unnecessary concern and expense. As important as avoiding false positives is avoiding false negatives, which is why Exhale Mold detects all species of mold, including toxic black mold. It only takes one Exhale Mold detector to test an entire basement or home*, offering you actionable solutions to your home mold problems for a fraction of the cost.

Included with the test is a consult with our experts who give you a personalized action plan based on the results of the test to eliminate any problems found in your home. They can help prioritize key actions to take and connect you to resources. Before you know it, you will be breathing easier in your own home.

*Multiple detectors may be necessary for homes over 6000 square feet or to test both a basement and a home.

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