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How to Remove and Prevent Mold from Growing Around Window Areas

Mold is a common problem in many households, especially when it comes to window casings and other damp areas around the house. If you have found mold around the windows in your house and you are looking for ways on how to remove and prevent it, have a look at the following steps to take to ensure the job is undertaken successfully.window-2011996_960_720

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Wear Protective Equipment

You will often find black mold is the problem when it comes to damp areas such as window casings, so it’s important you wear the right protective equipment to prevent it from flying up in your eyes or into your airways. Before undertaking any mold removal work, put on a pair of gloves, goggles, and a face mask to ensure the work is completed in a safe manner. When working with mold in window areas, it would also be wise to open the window to protect you further.

Keep the Molded Area Damp

When you are fully protected to undertake mold removal work, your first step is to dampen the molded area so it doesn’t turn into a dust substance when you are working with it. The best way of doing this is to use a spray bottle so you can just spray the infected area with water. You don’t want to completely soak the area as it will make the removal process untidy; instead, simply dampening the area is all that is needed.

Remove Mold with Detergent and Disposable Towels

Get a bucket of warm water with a mix of dish detergent or similar and simply wipe the mold off with disposable cloths. Once the cloths are unusable, simply throw them in a plastic bag and get rid of them in the trash to stop any spores from spreading. How tough the mold is will determine the type of tools you will need to remove it. Most of the time disposable cloths will do the trick, but other times you may want to use a scraper to loosen the mold.

Bleach Window Area to Clean Thoroughly.

It’s important now that you get rid of any mold that remains but is still naked to the eye. Mix bleach into a bucket of water and then clean the window area with a clean towel. It’s important you let the bleach sit for a while to let it work its magic. Once you have left the bleach for half hour or so, come back and rinse it with clean water and then dry the window casing to finish the job.

Removing Mold from Other Surfaces

It’s always important you take care when removing mold from different surfaces, as you never know when you are working with lead paint. Working with lead paint in any form, for example, will require you take EPA lead certification classes just to ensure you are certified to conduct work.

Preventing mold from returning is easier said than done as it will all depend on the area within the house. If you clean the areas regularly there is no reason why it should return, but there are other things that can cause mold growth. If you have plants in window areas this can cause condensation, and if left for a while that is known to cause black mold. You will also find that installing new exhaust fans in damper rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms will also do the trick of preventing mold in the future.

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