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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your House

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

No household is immune from bed bugs. They may come in by traveling along with a visitor. If you travel, they can get in your clothing at a hotel or other establishment. However, they manage to get in the home, now is the time to do something about the problem. If you’ve noticed that bed bugs in Calgary have invaded your home, here is what you need to do.

Call a Professional Bed Bugs Exterminator

Attempting to deal with bed bugs on your own is often an exercise in futility. That’s because you only see part of the problem. Even using the best over the counter products will only eliminate part of the infestation. It’s only a matter of time before the bugs are back in the areas where you removed them.

Instead of wasting time and money on over the counter products, it makes sense to call an exterminator. With the treatment date set, it will be easier to know what you can do about the bugs in the interim.

Strip the Beds

On the day that the exterminator is due to arrive, strip all the beds. Using suggestions that the professional recommended, launder all the bed linens and set them aside in a safe place. After the exterminator assesses the extent of the bedbug infestation and administers treatments to the carpeting, mattress, and window treatments in your bedrooms, it will be safe to dress the beds again without fear of bedbugs still being around.

Move Furniture Away from the Walls

The exterminator will need to get into all sorts of tight areas in order to treat the home. That’s because bed bugs get into places that you would never think possible. By moving the furniture away, you make it easier to treat along baseboards. It also provides the professional with the chance to treat the back of upholstered furnishings as well as the front parts. Since bed bugs can get into cloth upholstery with ease, those treatments are necessary.

Plan on Washing and Dry Cleaning Your Clothing

The exterminator will also need to treat your closets. While that’s happening, you can launder clothes that are safe for the wash. Everything else needs to go to a dry-cleaning service. Make sure to use detergents recommended by the exterminator. Dry cleaners are no strangers to bed bugs Calgary, so tell your cleaner what’s going on. They will know what sort of treatment to use. Once that’s done, you can return to the home and see what else needs to be done in the way of pest control.

Follow Any Other Suggestions Offered by Bed Bugs Exterminator

Depending on what other factors apply, the exterminator may have some other ideas about what you can do while the team administers a heat treatment to each of your rooms. You’ll learn quite a bit about where a bed bug infestation can set up, including some parts of the house that you never considered. Choosing to take these measures along with the exterminator’s efforts will minimize the potential of missing a few bugs and requiring more treatments later on.

While bothersome, the good news is that a Calgary bed bug infestation can be eliminated with help from a professional. If you have any reason to think bed bugs are in your home, call a service today.

Doing so will simplify the bed bugs extermination process and allow things to get back to normal a lot faster.

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