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Health Effects Of Mold

The most important thing to remember when it comes to mold is that the health effects of mold are individualized. In other words they are very specific to the individual and to the specific biological make up of that individual. How sensitive they are to a specific type of mold.

In general there are four primary areas of that generally occur with mold. These are not listed in any order and each individual can have these affects in different order and in different severity.Irritation is a broad category. But certainly in its simplest form this is what we expect people to have that are experiencing mold symtpoms. Irritation can be of the persons breathing or eyes and in a more serious sense it can affect their entire biological system with body aches, headaches, even a fever. This is still listed as irritation and certainly is a first warning of mold exposure.

The next level is mold allergy. This is when you are having, for lack of a better description, more chronic irritations. In other words you are having allergy sympotoms regularly. This is the body in a more serious way fighting off the health effects of mold through a more sever means. Runny nose, watery eyes, as well as all the symptoms of irritation listed above.

Infection is certainly another area for affects of mold. As the severity of reaction dictates the types of symptoms the infection is a natural progression of the above problems. Normally the infection comes after the above symptoms go without being addressed. In other words the mold exposure continues. Different people will get to the point of infection at a different fate. Some people can go straight to the infection. It all depends on the types of mold exposed to, the length and severity of exposure, as well as the biology of the person exposed.

The infection can then lead to toxicosis. This is a situation where the person develops a disease from their exposure to mold. Certainly this is one of the most a severe health effects of mold and one that must be avoided.

For more information on this topic you certainly need to consult your doctor.

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