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Health Dangers of Blue Mold

Blue molds or commonly bluish green colored molds is a form of Penicillium to some extent from which antibiotic Penicillium is made. These molds generally grows on food but you may also find them on walls, insulated materials, fabrics, carpets, cabinets which are damp or is damaged by water. You may find them on cushions and mattresses too which are moistened due to water.

Health Issues via Blue Mold or Penicillium Mold

Blue molds when dispersed in air causes many health issues like breathing problems, sinus and many more. Though they grow near Penicillium by which antibiotic is made but they are not beneficial to you in any sense. They may cause high damage to your health. Allergic reactions are triggered due to these molds when gets in contact to your skin. Young or old people anyone can be the target of these molds.


If you are experiencing such above health problems then it may be due to the molds at your place, it’s better to visit doctor as soon as possible for medical treatment to get cured at early stage as this may get worse by the time. Tell him clearly about the mold growth at your home and he will perform related allergies test to get to the root of specific problem. Once you get well eradicate molds from your home so that you don’t get sick again.

Blue Mold Removal

Blue molds spread very fast from one area to another so it’s essential to remove them whenever detected. If you spot some bluish green mold at one corner there are chances of their existence in other places too, so first and foremost check other parts of your home. To clean them all you should know their room at your mansion. If you have a huge house and storage place including ducts and such places which are unreachable then it is recommended to call a professional to inspect all the susceptible places of your house. Such places like ventilation ducts, AC ducts, Pipes and inside walls are hard to look over thus you need help for the same.

If you want to do it by yourself then you need certified mold testing kits available in market to detect mold growing areas in your home. If you find them on non porous surfaces like tiles, floors near the sink then clean them with antimicrobial cleanser like Foster 40 80 but if you find their growth on porous surface like carpet, mattresses it’s better to remove them completely because if you clean them they are removed temporarily and grows back again.

During this removal process always take necessary precautions like wearing a respiratory mask, gloves and cover yourself fully so that the pores dispersed in air during cleaning does not get in contact with your body and find a room in your lungs.

Professional Mold Remediation

It’s a complicated task which needs time and energy and most importantly you are not sure that it will go astray totally from your house. It is better to go for a professional mold removal cleaning staff which will inspect your home and then take necessary remedial precautions to remove them completely. You will be sure of your home getting cleaned. They keep away your loved ones during the process so no hassle. If you want to clean yourself you can call them for advising you related to this problem.

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