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Green Mold In The Home

Green Mold is universally found and refers to sporadic species of a fungus with green touches to it. You might have heard about black mold and white mold that causes illness, but green mold is also one of them that can make you sick as well.

If we talk scientifically then molds are microbial fungus which lives in different climatic conditions. They penetrate spores and multiply when they get positive climatic conditions.


If we talk about The US merely there are a hundred sorts of molds that are greenish and are set up in dwellings. Usual cases of Green Molds are-

  • Penicillium- This term is highly known for making antibiotic medicines. Many green molds contain these bacteria’s. Generally they flourish in the contaminated places like food, soil, etc. These are Bluish green in color and grow in wet areas like wet carpet, wet mattresses etc.
  • Cladosporuim- These are very common molds and can be green, gray or brown and their favorable climatic conditions are cool and tender regions. You can see them on outdoors, carpet, walls and even in cabinets. They usually trigger respiratory issues.
  • Aspergillus- These are found in many colors including green and grow inside and outside the walls. Especially indoors and in moisture rich areas. Many species of this category are pathogenic and allergic. Basically, it produces a toxin called alfatoxin which is highly carcinogenic.

There are many mold variants, which penetrate deep inside the house and are difficult to get rid of. Some molds are nontoxic, but many are intoxicated and can cause infections and severe health problems.

Health Issues caused by Green Mold-

Molds can be of different types and can have severe health issues including respiratory problems, skin irritations etc. in which, if we talk about Aspergillus then it is the most infecting bacteria which penetrates deep in your lungs and causes breathing problems, bronchitis and even sinus. In severe reactions swelling in the lungs due to which breathing problems persist. It begins with the inflammation and can totally take over your lungs getting worse if not treated on time.

In the same category, Penicillium also attacks your lungs, causing sinus and soreness. Some people, those who have sore skin can cause rashes and skin irritation, including redness, patches, and boils.

If you are experiencing such problems visit your physician and tell them that the reaction so caused is due to mold. Medicinal drugs can stop the situation getting worse and you can get healthy in time earlier it grows late.

Green Mold Removal-

The process of green mold removal is time-consuming and complex. It is because they are microscopic organisms and are thousands in numbers. You won’t even notice they develop in such mysterious places. If you clean these pores by yourself they get dispersed in the breeze and then determines a room to your respiratory track.

Always put on a headgear covering your mouth and nose so that it does not come in contact with your sass and don’t forget to wear gloves and full clothes to protect you from skin contamination.

If you get these molds in ducts and such extreme conditions that they are almost concluded the blank space then call experts to manage the position. Though you need to spend some penny, but surely you will get rid of them altogether.

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