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Green Mold In The Home

Molds are of many kinds like green, black, white, blue, yellow, gray but generally we see and hear about black molds, but other molds cause sickness too.

There are more than hundred species of molds commonly found in the houses of the USA itself. Yes, you heard it right. Molds are basically sporadic microorganisms which multiply when gets a favorable environment and can cause various health problems if gets in contact with you.


Some very common Green Molds types are as follows:

Aspergillus:  These green mold species can be found of inside walls and ceilings and can be of different colors like green, yellow, brown, gray and sometimes white. They produce a toxic substance known as aflatoxins which are harmful to human’s health and cause various health issues.

Cladosporium: These molds grow in warm as well as cool climates and are green, gray and brown in color. Usually, you will find an olive green fungus at your home that’s Cladosporium. You may find them in your cabinets, carpets and yes walls of your room. They mainly trigger allergic reactions if comes in contact with the individual body.

Penicillium: These are generally bluish green in color and grow generally on wet carpets, wet mattresses and wet insulated materials like old geysers etc. though you might have heard about their antibiotic usage. Not all Penicillium is beneficial most of them are harmful to health.

They vary according to their color and species. You can differentiate them by their growth areas.

Sickness caused by Green Molds

The mold of any type causes health issues. Green molds generally trigger respiratory problems which include asthma, bronchitis, inflammation in lungs, pneumonia. These were an issue caused due to Aspergillus but if we talk about Penicillium it causes sinus and lungs infections.

Few molds cause’ allergic reactions to like Cladosporium and Penicillium which roots skin rashes, irritation, allergies and hives on the body and those who have a sensitive body they can get these allergic reactions fast.

If you have also experienced such symptoms and you have molded growth in your home visit your doctor soon before it gets horrific. Remove molds completely from your mansion as soon as possible and take all necessary measures during its removal.

Green Mold Removal

If you are thinking that mold removal is going to be an easy task for you then I would say you to think again as it’s and complex and hard job. It is a time-consuming process which needs attention while its exclusion.

The most problematic things about mold exclusion are that they are sporadic microbes which get dispersed quickly in the air when your scratch them out of the affected area. Hence, necessary precautions are necessary while you conduct this task. 

Wearing essential gears and mask are crucial during molds removal process. If molds have not taken all over you can do it yourself by taking measures but if it has gone all the way through its better to call a professional.

If you detect mold at one place of your home check other places too as they spread remarkably fast especially areas like sewage, pipes, sinks and AC ducts.

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