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Dealing With Mold Smell

If you have detected that moldy smelly odor in your home, then it is definitely because of mold. Typically we don’t focus in the cellars and such outside spots like terrace divider, storage rooms, and so on because of which it flourishes and when it discharges its toadstool then we notice them.

Why Mold releases this Musty smell?

This musty smell is called MVOC i.e. microbial violate organic compounds and it is due to the degradation process caused by the molds. If this smell incurs in your home, you should be alarmed of a mold hiding in places like carpet, corners, Ac ducts, basements, etc. Generally, these odors are not malodorous but some can cause that moldy smell. The more they spread stronger the smell is.


What happens if you inhale this moldy smell?

If you smell this odor, it’s conspicuous that you are inhaling the gas engendered by the molds which consist of microbial germs. This is not just an odor it is toxic, commonly known as mycotoxins and is definitely harmful for your health.

It can cause different diseases as it gets a room in your lungs and affects them deplorably, which roots all sorts of respiratory quandaries like chronic, bronchitis, asthma, sinus, chronic, inflammatory, exasperation, breathing issues and extreme fatigue and even skin diseases like hives, rashes, allergies, etc.

Controlling Mold odor

There is only one way to control the odor of mold and that is by removing the mold completely. Mold removal is a difficult task, but dealing its odor is more challenging.

It is thwarting and obnoxious, especially when you are with a guest. Though you can temporarily get rid of the smell by spraying room fresheners, candles or scented wicks, they all can be effective only for indoor purposes but they cannot be avoided. Just covering the smell is not a solution you need to remove them too, because removing mold will act as a permanent solution for your mansion.

Testing Your Home for mold

If you smell fussy and musty smell go for mold testing. If you have seen the place of their growth it is better to search other corners too, as they may reside in other areas of the home. Especially if you reside in mild areas, then it is more likely to spread in other rooms of the house. Inspect under carpets, corners, basements, backyard, drywall, ducts and each and every place where you know molds make a home.

Mold test kits are available in many stores which are helpful to find mold by you, but it is recommended to go for a professional if your home is big and you have many such places where molds can grow but is unreachable for you.

One time money spends can help you get rid of molds from your house as these have proper training as well as equipments like the dilutes, the technique by which they can assure you of removals of this fungus from your home.

Go for certified mold testers; they are engineers and expert in their work. If you call them for inspection, they will interpret the results and can also give you some tips to keep your home away from these fungi.

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