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Cleaning Mold From Your Carpet

Many complaints and queries come about cleaning carpets of their home. People often ask to remove hidden molds from their carpets but it’s very difficult to remove molds completely from carpet as molds get attached to the fibers of the carpet which whether cleaned by any method particles remains inside and may bounce back after some time.

Man cleaning carpet with commercial cleaning equipment

Cleaning Mold Ridden Carpets are practically an Impossible Job

Not only carpets but there are many materials from which total molds removal is impossible in this list tops the carpet followed by fabrics, mattresses, cushions, couches etc. being porous materials molds seeps deep inside the supplies which when tried to remove particle still remains in the product and grows again.

The reason of not getting removed completely is that these pores are inside are cannot be scrubbed which makes a room later. Though you clean your carpet through steam cleaner it will appear clean but if you see via microscope you will notice molds pores in them as they cannot be seen through the naked eye. They will reproduce and will get your carpet rapidly again releasing that moldy and fuzzy smell.

Professional Carpet Cleaners for Cleaning Mold Ridden Carpets

If you are thinking to call a professional to clean your mold-ridden carpets then let me tell you that are just a temporary solution as molds will regrow on the carpet again. If you look at the carpet after cleaning it will appear clean but they make mold spores inside them which are not visible via naked eye.

Professional cleaners use sanitizing liquids and meds to remove mold, you will find your carpet wet and damp for a day or two which will prevent the growth of the molds but soon you will see mold growing again on it.

Molds grow deep inside the carpet and reaches to the padding beneath the carpets thus removing the whole is a good idea to get off the molds completely.

Dealing with the stubborn carpet molds

As it is clear now that it’s a very tough job to clean your moldy carpet completely but you might be thinking what to do with them? Seal them in the sturdy plastic bags and then throw them in the garbage and replace this place from the new mold-free carpets but before laying the new carpet always clean the area with a solution.

We would recommend professionals for this work as you don’t want that your next carpet may also get affected because of the previous one. Professionals will ensure safe discharge or old carpet and cleaning the area totally to stop its reproducing again. They will also help you to know the precautions as ounce prevention is better than pounds cure.

After the cleaning has been done, you are suggested to make an effort in keeping the places that frequently remain wet are dehumidified and cleaned on a regular basis. If the places are not being checked regularly, then the carpet molds can expand and mature. Some of the effective defensive measures encompass using of hygrometers, Dehumidifiers, mold resistant paints and air purifier.


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