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Can You Clean Up Mold Yourself?

It’s never a good thing to have mold at home. It’s irritating and might even pose a health threat. They usually thrive on moist surfaces. It includes bathrooms where ventilation is inadequate. Kitchen and sinks are also other places where molds thrive. If you have a basement or water heaters, you can expect molds in these areas too.

The difficulty in removing them depends on how often you get rid of them. If it’s been a while since you last cleaned up those spaces, it might be a challenge.1

Dealing with the problem yourself

If you decide to deal with the mold yourself, it’s okay if you have the right tools. You will need mold removal agents. You also need to know if these cleaning agents are suitable for the surface where you’re going to use them. Some of the things here agents might lead to corrosion, discoloration, and weakening of the surfaces.

If you’re uncertain, you can find tutorial videos online that might help you in dealing with mold at home. With easy to follow instructions, the videos option might work for you. The problem is that it might take a while before you figure things out. You might not even follow the instructions correctly.

Cleaners you can find at home

If you still attempt to remove molds yourself, you can use these cleaning products available at home.

  • Hydrogen peroxide. It’s a popular anti-fungal and anti-bacterial solution. It effectively kills pathogens present in the surfaces of bathroom floors, appliances, and walls. You only need 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Place it in a spray bottle for easy use. Spray the chemical on the affected area for 10 minutes before scrubbing it. Once you think you already removed the mold, you can wipe the surface. It helps remove whatever residual mold remains.
  • Vinegar. It’s also an effective cleaning agent. Vinegar is a mild acid and can kill up to 82% of the mold species. You can use white distilled vinegar for cleaning. Place it in a spray bottle without adding water. Spray it on the surface and let it sit there for an hour. Wipe the area with clean water and let it dry. You might notice the terrible smell from the vinegar even after cleaning the surface. It shouldn’t bother you since it will eventually go away.
  • Baking soda. You might already be familiar of baking soda since it’s a popular cleaning agent. The good thing is that it’s not too strong, and it’s safe for children and pets. Not only will baking soda kill mold, it will also absorb moisture. Therefore, it would be difficult for mold to come back. You only need a quarter of a tablespoon of baking soda mixed with water. Place the mixture on the spray bottle until it dissolved. Spray it on the affected area. After a few minutes, scrub the area to thoroughly remove mold from the surface. Rinse it with water and let it dry.

Problem molds

There’s nothing wrong if you want to try dealing with the mold yourself. However, there are instances when it could be tough going. For instance, if you find spores starting to grow on drywall and subflooring, they’re challenging to remove. It’s even worse if the mold has already spread across an area exceeding 10 square feet.

Another problem is if you don’t have the necessary protection tools. Some molds are airborne. Identifying which of them is airborne is challenging. You don’t want to try dealing with the airborne mold yourself if you don’t have the right tools since it could cause health and breathing issues.

You might find a Petri dish kit to determine the nature of the mold, but it would be a long process. There’s also no guarantee that you will purchase the right kit or even interpret the results correctly.

The aforementioned home cleaning products might be effective, but they don’t guarantee that the area will remain mold-free for a long time. It helps if you allow these mold removal experts to use their knowledge and tools to deal with the problem.

They will start by determining the scope of the problem. The necessary treatment depends on how serious the problem is. It wouldn’t take a long time for them to get things done. If there are areas or items that you have to cover or remove, you need to do so. Prepare your place first before the arrival of these mold removal experts.

Don’t take the risk

After checking the nature of the molds growing in various areas of your house, you can decide if you can deal with it yourself. If not, you need to partner with house mold removal experts. It would be better to let these experts deal with the problem than you getting ill.

These people have the right tools for the job. They also have experience in dealing with all sorts of mold issues in the past. They can guarantee that once they start to work on the issues you have at home, you won’t need to worry about them anymore.

Apart from mold removal, they can also advise on how to prevent mold from growing again. Sure, you have to pay for this service, but it would be worth it. You avoid taking the risk. You also find a way to eradicate them and protect your family against potential health issues. Besides, the mold removal service is affordable enough. For a service that guarantees the safety of your family, the amount you have to pay is reasonable.

You might only see mold as an annoyance, but mold, if left untreated, can do terrible things to your health. You might even have to pay more if someone gets ill as a result of the mold growth all over the house. The worst part is that once mold starts spreading, it would be difficult to control. You might even have to remove certain parts or dispose of the area that got affected by mold. You need an expert to immediately deal with the problem.



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