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These Cleaning Habits Can Save Your Home from Mold

When you think of preventing mold in your home, you might think it only applies to areas that have higher humidity. That’s not necessarily true as drier climates can still present the possibility of mold. Spores that are the origin of mold are present in dry particles that are moved by wind, and they’re just waiting to land on something that enables them to multiply.

If you think you may be listing a home in the Las Vegas real estate market, or any other dry climate, there are essential steps to take when cleaning to ensure your home stays mold free. Making the following steps a routine will save you money from replacing any areas that could be affected by mold growth and get your home sold quickly.1

Check Vents and Fans

This first tip isn’t exactly a cleaning habit, but it’s essential to get in the habit of checking your air vents for blockages. Air ventilation throughout the home will keep areas that are more likely to become more humid, like the bathroom, from developing mold.

If your bathroom, or any room, has an exhaust fan, make sure it’s clear, so the room has proper ventilation when it’s in use. When you are cleaning or doing an activity that causes extra moisture in the air, make sure it’s turned on. Doing this will help dry the room quicker to prevent mold growth further.

Clean Shower Curtains

Even with proper air circulation, shower curtains are notorious for mildew growth if not cleaned frequently and correctly. Mildew isn’t the same as mold, but it can cause the same health risks if not treated. Mildew is more common with shower curtains, but it is possible for mold to grow if enough soap residue is present.

To wash your shower curtain is as simple as throwing it through a wash cycle just like your clothes. For plastic curtains, make sure the water is warm, so you’re not left with a melted shower curtain. Alternatively, you can use baking soda to rub out on soap scum that’s accumulated.

Cleaning your shower curtain every 1 to 3 months will suffice. Another habit to further prevent mold and mildew on your shower curtain is to keep it spread out after you shower. This will prevent moisture from being trapped in the folds of the curtain and offer a home for mold to grow.

Dry Towels ASAP

Whether you’ve used a towel to clean, bathe, or dry dishes, make sure that it gets dry as soon as possible. Leaving even damp towels lying around in a pile can foster an environment for mold growth. The same goes for any cloth material in your home that manages to get wet.

If you do find mold on towels or clothes, you can follow these tips for removing the mold. Cleaning supplies, like bleach and vinegar, can usually do the job quickly. After taking steps to remove mold, you may need to dispose of the material.

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